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News for the Derby

The Preparation of GPS tracker for tracking the flight routes is in preparation.The stations will carry my pigeons,who participate in the flightsfor training purposes.This also ensureshe controlof the starting places .The evaluation of the data takesplace here on the website at the latest one day after the flight.

We will have flights for training and 6 price flights from 135 up to 410 km -start from Astan/ Netherlands, West side. The last race will take place on the 15.september. Depending on the weather conditions we reserve a shift of the flights.


Please register now

Please register now. For details of participation, please refer to the Announcement. Registration


Delivery of the pigeons from 10.04. to 10.05.2018

Delivery of the pigeons is possible between 10.04. and 10.05.2018. For personal delivery, telephone pre-arrangement is required. How to find us.

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