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As Pigeon Race 2021 - Announcement

We will start our 5. One Loft Race in the Year 2021.
In this race we will pay special attention on the As Pigeons.
Our new pigeonry can hold up to 800 pigeons to start our events.

Eligibility requirements:

We would like to invite all pigeon fancier and friends of the sport of the FCI association to participate in our race.
The participation fee is about 150€ per Pigeon. In case of a compilation of 4 we will accept a fifth pigeon for free as a reserve. Please identify this one in a special way or we will identify the pigeon with the highest ring number as the reserve one.

Please consider that a current Vaccination certificate is required as soon as the delivery takes place. Furthermore we need a ring card and an ancestry proof, which is necessary for the auction after the final race. The delivery can take place between the 10th April and 08th May. If you want to deliver your pigeons in person we can find an agreement for that as well.

The participation fee includes all costs of accommodation, supply and the prize money. It has to be paid with the delivery. Pigeons who were delivered without payment will be excluded from the race. We consider the consignor of the pigeons as the rightful owner.

We will have flights for training and 6 price flights from 120km up to 410 km (start from Asten (Nederlands), west side). The last race will take place on the 14th September 2019. Depending on the weather conditions we reserve a shift of the flights.

As Pigeon Evaluation:

We will value all 5 price flights. One third of all Pigeons are price entitled.
Each Pigeon will earn 1 As Point per 10Km flight. We will count the placement before the points.

Team Evaluation:

The first four Pigeons per fancier are classified as a Team. If one of them gets lost before the first flight the reserve pigeon will take its place. If less than 4 pigeons of a Team take part on the price flights, we will evaluate the remaining ones.

Prize Money:

Read More on our page "Prizes and prizemoney"

Auction of the pigeons:

The auction of the pigeons will take place via internet. The fancier or the team will receive fifty percent of the proceeds.
We wish you an interesting derby and hope to see you at the final race.


Registration can take place from now on  Registration Form, or via email at schmiedmeinecke@aol.com or per Mail to Günter Meinecke, Krugende 9, 39638 Gardelegen/Solpke. You can get in touch with us per telephone 039087/272 or 0171/5396814. Feel free to contact us via messenger like WhatsApp as well.

Please transfer the entry fee to the following bank account:

Günter Meinecke
IBAN: DE22 8105 5555 3031 0009 00
Sparkasse Altmark West